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Hello everyone, this journal is partly friends only.
If you want to get to know me ask and you will be added.
If you only are interested in my fan art stuff you don't have to add me - it's visible for everyone.
Now are days you can find my grafics at zauberkuenstler - feel free to watch.
Still, I will post a link plus a preview here in my personal journal.
Yours Anne *wave*
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I did it!

I finished my education *yay* Was a hard time but I did it! Don't know how and my grades are actually very bad but who cares - all that matters right no is that I am done and I have a job.

So what is next? Searching for a new home for me and my rabbits. *bounce* Sooooo excited!

Yours Ratti =)
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23 Icons - Stock [Horses]

Hello Sweeties,
today I got lovely horses for you all. Made for stock20in20 .
Horses are my favourite animals, maybe because I grew up with them.
Anyway! Hope you enjoy =)

* TV Show/ movie: Black Death
* Remake: this one by fbi_woman

* pics for the category icons are from


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Please do not hotlink.

Greetings Ratti